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Here are some of the best texts available on Qabalah and related subjects with reviews by the webmaster. Also included are links to buy the books from Amazon (USA+UK)
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Qabalah Book reviews

The Power of Qabalah - Yehuda Berg
If you are looking for an inspirational book that is easy to read but at the same time powerful and profound in its message then this book is for you.  It is certainly not comprehensive nor does it give detailed accounts of Qabalistic principles, but in expressing the transformative power of Qabalah in simple and accessible language it is unsurpassed. A thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening read.

777 And Other Qabbalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

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If you were to ask me to pick one book which has inspired me most, which I have turned back to most often, and which I would not want to be without then I would pick this one. Along with detailed tables of correspondences with ample explanatory notes, and an excellent introduction and referrence tools for Gematria and other such systems, there are a number of short but fascinating essays. `What is a `number' or a `symbol'?' stands out as one of the most enlightening text I have ever read, despite being just a few pages long.

Sepher Yetzirah (translation by R.A Gilbert and A.E. Waite)

The Sepher Yetzirah, Book of Formation, is in my opinion the most interesting and useful of the early Jewish Qabalistic text. It is certainly the most often quoted by modern authors. In many ways it can be thought of as a Qabalistic book of gensis, describing as it does the manner of the creation of the world in Qabalistic terms. According to Jewish Folklore the Sepher Yetzirah can be used for the creation of a Golem. Also according to legend this book was written by the patriarch Abraham himself.

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Sepher Yetzirah

The Qabalah, Papus
This book is notable for its comprehensive overview of Qabalah and Qabalistic concepts. It is a scholarly work which looks at a wide range of topics. Although I would advise the reader not to assume that ervything said in this book is 100% correct and accurate I would nevertheless reccommend it as an introductory text to Qabalaistic studies.

The Tree of Life - Israel Regardie
This is one of the finest works that I have ever read, although the title may be slighlty misleading. Despite being called the 'Tree of Life' this is not, striclty speaking, a book about Qabalah. Rather, its subject is esoteric philosophy in general, and especially ritual practices and Magick. Regardie is a famous student of the infamous Crowley and one time member of the Golden Dawn society, and this is his best work.
The Bahir Illumination (Translation by Aryeh Kaplan)
One of the oldest and most respected of Qabalisitc texts the sepher Bahir, or book of Splendour, is particularly useful in ascertaining the Qabalistic meanings within the Old Testament. A must read for serious students of Qabalah.

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The Bahir

The Book of Thoth - Aleister Crowley
The Tarot trumps are the 22 keys to the 22 shining paths of human experience. There are many books on the market about Tarot, and indeed many different Tarot packs, but from a Qabalistic perspective the Thoth Tarot are definitely the best.

Thoth Tarot Deck
(As Above)

The Zohar
Probably the  oldest of the Qabalistic texts, this book is often considered to be the foundation text of all Qabalistic studies. Its wisdom is also, perhaps, more accessible and universally relevant than that of the Sepher Yetzirah and Bahir.
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