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Netzache - Full Text

An introduction to the nature of Netzache

Netzache is the eight sphere, and the highest sphere associated with the Yetzirah, the world of formation; it is located immediately below the veil of Parekh. It is known as the sphere of Victory.

            Netzache is associated with the natural world of flora and fauna. It is the lowest sphere on the Pillar of Mercy, and as such is the manifest form of the creative, expansive ‘Yang’ energy which issues downwards from Chokmah. This is the manifest realm of the ‘thing-in-itself’ of western philosophy (Kant, Schopenhauer etc.). Science approaches the study of a thing according to its relationships with other things, thus revealing its exoteric, or external nature, but says nothing of its inner, or esoteric nature, which exists as a ‘thing-in-itself’ independent of its relationships or interactions with other things.  In Qabalistic philosophy this ‘thing-in-itself’ is the Will. This should not be confused with free will or choice however; the inner nature of a rock or a flower, for example, is understood as Will, but that does not mean that a rock can choose to anything other than a rock – the Will is fixed and stable. The elemental creatures such as Sylphs or Undines which are associated with Netzache may be thought of as creatures of pure Will in this way – expressions of a particular nature, without the freedom to do other than to express that nature. All nature magick, herbalism and such like are associated with this sphere.

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            Netzache is associated with the faculties of feeling and emotion, and along with the other spheres of Yetzirah is associated with the lower personality in man, the higher personality being expressed in the spheres particular to the realm of Briah. Such feelings and emotions express the victory or otherwise of the Will.

            Netzache is also associated with reproduction and sexual pleasure, the most material manifestation of the creative power of Yang, and the experiences associated with the victory of this innate Will.

            Being in many ways the polar opposite of rational thought, science and written philosophy, Netzache can be rather difficult to write about, so I will leave it at that and just leave you with a quote from Neitzche in his discussion of ‘natural morality’ which I think is somewhat relevant:


            ‘Let us consider finally what naivety it is to say “man ought to be thus and thus!” Reality shows us an enchanting wealth of types, the luxuriance of a prodigal play and change of forms: and does some pitiful journeyman moralist say at the sight of it “No! Man ought to be different”?....But even when the moralist merely turns to the individual and says to him: “You ought to be thus and thus” he does not cease to manke himself ridiculous. The individual is, in his future and in his past, a piece of fate, one law more, one necessity more for everything that is and everything that will be. To say to him “change yourself” means to demand that everything should change, even in the past…. And there have indeed been consistent moralists who wanted man to be different, namely virtuous, who wanted him in their own likeness, namely that of a bigot: to that end they denied the world! No mean madness! No modest presumption!… Insofar as morality condemns as morality and not with regard to the aims and objects of life, it is a specific error with which one should show no sympathy, an idiosyncrasy of the degenerate which has caused an unspeakable amount of harm!... We others, we immoralists, have on the contrary opened wide our hearts to every kind of understanding, comprehension, approval. We do not readily deny, we seek our honour in affirming.

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