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Qabalah, Kabbalah, Cabala: A system of philosophy, mysticism and magick which has grown out of and beyond its Jewish origins to become an independent system of universal relevance. The three variant spellings all refer to essentially the same thing, but it is a matter of convention to use Kabbalah for the Jewish tradition, Cabala for the Christian tradition, and Qabalah for the hermetic / non-denominational tradition. You can use this site to learn more or visit this article about what is kabbalah? by Qabalah Meditation on hubpages.

About Qabalah
an introduction to the history, philosophy and practices of qabalah

The Qabalah is a collection of esoteric teachings which includes a system of philosophy, mysticism and magick.

The origins of Qabalah lie in early Jewish mysticism, but from those beginnings the study of Qabalah has grown and branched out, first into a Christian Qabalah, then further so that today most people who study and practice Qabalah do so outside of any particular religious affiliations, treating it as an independent system in itself. Within Jewish legend there are two distinct stories of the origins of Qabalah; the first states that it was received by moses on mount sinai, but whereas the commandments were for everybody the esoteric teachings of the Qabalah were passed on to a select few as a secret inner teaching. The second states that these teachings have always been with man, having been given to Adam by an Archangel at the time of his expulsion from the garden of Eden, out of pity for his plight and a desire to help.

Tree of Life pendant
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Tree of Life pendant
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Within Judaism the Torah and other 'exoteric' teachings were often considered to be the body of Jewish teaching, and the Qabalah, at the hieght of its practice, was considered to be the soul. In many ways Qabalistic teachings can be thought of as the distilled essence of spiritual teachings, without the cultural baggage and rigid dogmas that go along with religious teachings. It is because of this that the Qabalah has been so successful at moving out of the confines of the Jewish faith to provide inspiration, guidance anbd empowerment to people of all different backgrounds and beleifs.
The modern study of Qabalah has become intimately entwinned with the concept of the 'Perrenial Philosophy'; the idea that there is a unifying thread of truth behind all of the worlds main religious and spiritual teachings. Qabalistic princples and teaxts can be used to understand and draw upon the teachings of a wide range of very different spiritual traditions by stripping away everything but the perfect 'essence' or soul of the teaching.
The entirety of Qabbalistic wisdom is contained within and expressed by a single diagrammatical representation and system of clssification called the Tree of Life; it has 10 sphere, or sephiroth, and 22 paths connecting them. The 10 Spheres can be thought of as describing objective existence whereas the 22 paths describe the subjective experience of being human. This system of classification lends itself well to use as a tool for the objective study of comparative religion and spiritual studies; it also led the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley to describe the Tree of Life as a 'spiritual filling cabinet'.
This website has been set up as an educational and referrence resource for anyone with an interest in Qabalah and / or related subjects such as meditation or ritual magick.

This site aims to be of use to both beginners with no previous knowledge of Qabalah and experienced / advanced practitioners alike.

We approach the study of qabalah from a philosophical perspective, as a complete system in itself, independent of its Jewish roots.

If you are new to Qabalah I would suggest you begin with the page About Qabalah

In the The Tree of Life section you will find a page dedicated to each of the spheres. On this page you will find text, tables of correspondences, meditations, rituals, essays and so on pertaining to the nature of that sphere.

The Qabalistic Concepts section takes a more in depth look at the philosophy and concepts of Qabalah

The Sword and Serpent introduces the two main paths of practical Qabalah, those of mysticism and magcik and contains descriptions of the fundamental practices and techniques.

The Qabalah Books page contains a selection of the best Qabalistic texts with reviews from the webmaster and links to the product pages for each book on Amazon (USA + UK)

We are currently adding mp3 voice recordings to the new Guided Meditations section. These include guided meditations on qabalah and also more general meditations

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