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Chokmah - Full Text

A written analysis of the sphere of Chokmah

Chokmah is the second sphere, and as such it belongs to the trinity of spheres above the abyss in the Qabalistic world of Atziluth. These are the three which are one, divided only for our understanding and not in reality; there is no plurality above the abyss, only unity.

            In many regards the spheres of the trinity equate to the Yin, Yang and Tao of Oriental esoteric philosophy. Chokmah, the sphere of ABBA, the father, equates to the expansive, active and masculine energy of Yang. In its highest manifestation it is pure creative energy in its rawest form, as yet undefined by any particular action. It is the initial impulse of existence, and in Qabalistic interpretations of Genesis is equated with the word of God, which is the initial act of creation.

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            Chokmah is known as the sphere of wisdom, as it is the true Will as yet uncorrupted by the conditions of material existence. The wise person discerns this true Will, and is not led by addictive or habitual desires, momentary fancies or such like. This is the ‘pure will, un-assuaged by the lust for results’, which is ‘in every way perfect.’ This is will for its own sake; will which is its own purpose and fulfillment. This is most obvious with Chokmah in the realm of Briah; an example would be the Will to love, purely for the sake of love, and independent of any particular object or relationship, or the desire for such. This pure will, being independent of any material conditions, and hence the formal parameters of material conditions – space and time – is eternal and universal; the lower will, characterized above as ‘the lust for results’, which  comprises the majority of the ordinary human personality, is dependent on material conditions, and hence bound by the forms of space and time. This lower will is not eternal, and survives the death of the body only insofar as it leads the Yetziratic body into purgatory or hell, or defines the conditions under which the eternal soul returns to material existence through reincarnation.

            Chokmah in Yetzirah manifests through the function of ‘final causation’ (seeCategories of Causation)

            The Heaven of Assiah associated with Chokmah is Mazloth, the Destinies. In this Chokmah is the ‘secret seed’ of our existence; our destiny is then the final blossoming of the tree, the fulfillment of the conditions of our creation, and of the most fundamental ‘final cause’ of our existence. These ‘conditions of our creation’ and hence the conditions of the fulfillment of out existence, are expressed in the natal charts of astrology.

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